Kaviart - Want to buy the Yeezy font?

Kaviart - Want to buy the Yeezy font?

Oldie but goodie...In a bold effort to get Kanye's attention, Tyler Finck a designer and font creator, has designed a font for, and inspired by the man himself and is trying to sell it for the very modest sum of...100 racks, yes 100,000$. The price has doubled since the project was first launched in 2015.

To give the page a Yeezy vibe, the gallery exhibiting the font contains a number of your favorite Yeezy quotables like the one below. When on the website you can also click a button to refresh the quote. It never gets old...


Finck says :

"With three contextual alternates per character, each word is as fresh as Yeezy's next album, which should probably use this font. Seriously. That's the goal here. It's stencil-ready, with hard edges, round corners, and enough punctuation/accents for latin-based languages (English, German, Icelandic, whatever). Take a look."

Oh and if you got it like that, the buy it now button isn't only available to Kanye. You too can purchase the font..

In the meantime, enjoy this James Franco and Seth Rogan Bound 2 Parody using the Yeezy font for the lyrics.

Yeezy Display - Font Lyric Video from Tyler Finck on Vimeo.

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